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Proof Single Blade


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Whiskey Razor

All purchases will include one aluminum razor, one aluminum stand, leather case, and 5 double edge blades (10 single blades). 

Proof Single Blade embodies a resurgence of authentic American craftsmanship.

It's a tribute to the enduring spirit of American ingenuity

And a nod to those who appreciate the value of tradition melded with modern precision.

usa made

Proof Razors are designed, machined, assembled, and finished in Montana.

lifetime quality

Change your mind? Send it back for a full refund, for as long as you own your razor.

0.10¢ blades

Experience a closer, smoother shave for under 10 cents a blade.

no subscription

Your order will ship with everything you need; a razor, stand, leather case, and the kind of old school blades you'll find at (almost) any grocery or drug store around the world. 

The Embodiment of the American Dream

The American Dream is crafted in every razor we produce. Choosing Proof is choosing a piece of a dream forged in American soil, by American hands.

Engineered to Last a Lifetime

Our razors aren't just tools; they're legacies. Buy it once, treasure it forever – a heritage piece for you and the generations that follow.

Made in Montana

Crafted by founders who champion a return to durable meaningful products and stand against the disposable culture.

“We’ve had fantastic service from Proof and their razor is an incredible modern adaptation of the Safety Razor! I was one of the early testers and found the shave both easy and intuitive.”

- Subie Shaves 

“I think Proof represents an interesting hybrid niche in wet shaving: a shave very much like a mass-market cartridge razor, but using one half DE blade.”

- Sharpologist

“The Proof Razor definitely exceeded my expectations for an aluminum SE. Took down 2 days growth very easily."

- The Razor Company

 The faces behind the craft

Explore Our Roots
Underage Hero: Robert Mercer and his WWI Razor

Underage Hero: Robert Mercer and his WWI Razor

Discover the remarkable WWI story of Robert Mercer, who, underage, bravely joined the 112th Ammunition Train.

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The Evolution of the Safety Razor

The Evolution of the Safety Razor

Shaving has been an essential part of men's grooming for centuries. Learn about he evolution of the safety razor over the years.

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New Proof Razor Leather Case

New Proof Razor Leather Case

Each Proof Razor Case is made in-house continuing the tradition of American Manufacturing.

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