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The original

The Proof razor started out as a passion project for David Ellig, a razor that he personally wanted to make, own and use. David figured he'd live a long and happy life only ever producing a handful of these things.

Innovative Production

The way David prototyped it is just as interesting as the innovative design. David has spent the past few years helping develop an automated robotic CNC manufacturing cell. In layman's terms, this machine helps small businesses rapidly prototype and produce machined parts, even at small batch quantities. It's so fast to try stuff out that David made the parts effectively production ready off the bat.

A Friend's Influence

David ended up making a couple razors for some friends, and one of those friends is Andy Auble, who figured the world could use more than just a couple of these things.

our mission

We want to use this platform to show that it's possible for two guys in a garage in the middle of nowhere Montana to make a globally relevant product. Manufactured using cutting edge robotic automation that's designed to make it possible for more people to see the potential for the future and start their own businesses.


This manufacturing process allows us to make a product that is tailored for the end user rather than make more one-size-fits-all, wasteful plastic junk that is all too prevalent in this world. But none of this matters if customers can't afford the experience, so we have to offer it at a price normal people can afford.