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Article: Underage Hero: Robert Mercer and his WWI Razor

Underage Hero: Robert Mercer and his WWI Razor

Underage Hero: Robert Mercer and his WWI Razor

Robert Mercer lied about his age, joining the 112th Ammunition Train in 1917 a month before he turned 17. 

Robert’s journey began in the National Guard training at Camp Sheridan, outside Montgomery, Alabama. Later, he traveled across dangerous waters aboard the S.S. Rhesus, facing the constant threat of German U-boat attacks.

Mercer's Khaki Razor Set 

Along his journey, he carried a military issued Khaki Shaving Set of which 3.5 million were made during the height of World War I. The particular razor in these photos was traced back to Mercer through meticulous research involving military records, family archives, and historical documents. 

Mercer’s service took him to the front lines in the Baccarat sector, where he and his unit endured the brutal conditions of trench warfare while being bombarded by enemy artillery. During this time, shaving was mandatory because Mercer and his company handled the deadly poison gas grenades. A small mirror was included in the Khaki Set to shave under unknown conditions.

End of the War

It’s likely during the last three weeks of ‘The Great War’ Mercer and the 112th division had their toughest battles. Traveling to Ypres, they would fight almost continuously, capturing the town of Kruishoutem, crossing the river Schelde and pursuing the German army to capture the towns of Dickele and Zwartebroek in the last days of the war.

After the War

After the war, Mercer returned to civilian life. We don’t know much about the man he became. We can tell from  the wear and tear on this razor and its case that it remained with him throughout his life.

Inspired by stories like these, Proof Razors are designed to be more than just tools; they are lifelong companions, mirroring the reliability and enduring quality of the Khaki Set that Mercer carried. By honoring these historical narratives, we commit ourselves to craft razors that not only perform exceptionally but also carry forward a legacy of the American spirit. 

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